Social Safety

Every club, organization, university, or education center needs this in their corner. ZIMS is the future of protection and prevention for your members and staff. 
Member Protection
Every club, organization, university, or education center needs this in their corner. ZIMS is the future of protection and prevention for your members and staff. 

Guardians - the heart of any club or organization is its people

Empower any member or participant of your organization with the most powerful incident management tools in the world. Any member can become a guardian - reporting emergencies and incidents such as harrasement, racial abuse, sexual abuse, bullying and much more. 


Report, manage and prevent

  • Turn everyone you want into a guardian. Staff, security, coaches, teachers, referees, and members can all be connected into one platform. 

  • Give every guardian intuitive protection and prevention at their fingertips. 

Saving Time
  • Capture data digitally, more quickly, consistently and accurately. Removing paper forms and creating more capacity for frontline duties. 

  • Pin-point incident locations to get there quicker and differentiate between duplicate calls instantly

  • Streamline and centralize all incident reporting and logging. 

Saving Money
  • Perfect audit trails to  reduce insurance premiums and claims

  • One centralized system, eliminating the needs for slow and expensive processes.

  • Protect your organization from problems due to incidents by properly reporting and logging information in real-time

Key Features

Incident Reporting

The ability to report any type of of incident. Injuries, violence, theft, missing persons, referee abuse, bullying, racial, sexual, drinking/drugs, ejections, lost&found, etc. All private and confidential. 

Digital Logging

The creation of digital evidence logs with images to help protect from and prevent litigation.


Insightful Reporting

A stronger and easier reporting mechanism with all contemporaneous entries time and date stamped, for all operations, events and incidents, providing greater business insights.

Fully Integrated

A system that seamlessly and safely allows and enables stewards, security, volunteers, teachers, coaches, parents, referees, priests, directors, etc. and the control room to all be on the same system and integrated like never before, maximize the effectiveness of team interaction and performance.

Persons of Interest

A system that combines a database of persons of interests, together with photos and context around why they may be banned from a league, campus, organization, or club. 

Secure Cloud-based System

A secure cloud-based system to further improve business continuity and maintenance of business as usual in a crisis that requires site evacuation with no loss of C3i. As used by the Cricket World Cup.


Powerful analytics that can help shape and inform organizational learning by identifying trends and training opportunities, creating a culture of continuous improvement.


Powerful Analytics

A Unique Command

A unique Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence (C3i) platform that brings over 10 systems into 1 and puts that all in your pocket – with more to follow! Integrate your messaging/whatsapp’s, mapping, video calls, word documents, spreadsheets, staff tracking, incident tracking, intelligence systems, health and safety reporting, facilities management and cleaning into one, easy to manage system.

Bespoke Customizations

Our system can be tailored to meet your individual needs. We will work with you to identify your requirements and provide you with a ZIMS system worth shouting about

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