The Future of Safety

A new wave of solutions for event, venue and community management.

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Cutting Edge Technology

Our multi-award winning platform is at the cutting edge of technology and is leading the way in making public spaces and communities safer. Delivering unrivaled situational awareness with innovative incident and resource tracking capabilities. Giving you more insight and control than ever before.

The Benefits

Saving Lives
  • We've won awards for helping save lives at events, pin-pointing locations for swift medical intervention.

  • Coordinate a response to an incident in real-time. 

  • Confirm the right number of people are in the right places.

  • Mobile app leverages technology to be a powerful safety tool.

  • Connect your disconnected control room tools for deeper insights and improved safety.

Saving Time
  • Capture data digitally, more quickly, consistently and accurately. Removing paper forms and creating more capacity for frontline duties.

  • Pin-point incident locations to get there quicker and differentiate between duplicate calls instantly.

  • Mobile app means no more waiting for airspace on the radio to submit something.

  • Automated reporting and analytics available instantly.

Saving Money
  • Analytics and reports to support resourcing decisions. Maximizing workforce efficiency. 

  • Detailed audit trails reduce insurance premiums and claims

  • The ZIMS System combines several systems into one reducing overhead on multiple applications. 

  • Eliminate ghosting and no-shows. Have the visibility to see if staff or agencies don't show.

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Trusted By

Less work. More Protection.


  • Real-time incident reporting

  • Geo-fencing & location tracking

  • Image capture & sharing

  • Multi-agency login & access

Maximum Security

  • Full situation awarenesss

  • Secure & confidential reporting

  • Advanced safety technology in everyones hand

Fast & Simple

  • Instant alerts & notifications

  • Pin-point incident locations

  • Intuitive App & Dashboard


  • Automated audit trails & reports

  • All checklists & tasks in one place

  • Analytics to support decision making

Our Mission

We love events, public gatherings and communities just as much as you do. Our goal is to make them as safe as possible. 




Cricket Council

This system allowed me to keep my security plans discreet yet offered me the oversight to see what was going on across 10 cities at the same time. The app was a superb choice for the Cricket World Cup 2019 as it was so flexible we could tailor it to our requirements, it was also secure, fast and reliable. 

— Jill McCracken, Director of Tournament Safety and Security